The mission of the Piedmont Charitable Foundation (PCF) is to enhance and enrich Community Programs that primarily benefit Piedmont Members and those who support the community.

How does the PCF accomplish its mission?

We begin by reaching out to organizations serving people who are in need of some additional support and embraced by the members of our community. Our efforts include scholarships, comfort and relief items for the military and their families, and support for those in our community who can use some assistance in a time of need. The PCF was formed as an charitable catalyst to help meet these needs. Through a three-step process of evaluation, recommendation, and implementation we intend to provide the support, guidance, and resources to identify what the needs are and work collaboratively with these organizations towards filling those needs. This allows the PCF to focus on the specific activities of each organization we work with in order to create a support program based on the unique situations of the people we serve.