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PCF Annual Scholarship

The PCF has established an annual Scholarship program to be awarded to aspiring college students or current college students who are the children of Piedmont residents, Piedmont Club members, or Battlefield High School students. Successful awards will be made to the applicant in good academic standing who has achieved high academic performance in High School or college.

TapHere! Technology IT Scholarship

To recognize outstanding academic performance and achievement in the Battlefield High School Information Technology (IT) Program. This scholarship is sponsored by TapHere! Technology.

2017 Recipients


NameCollege Will AttendScholarship
Ryan Keane TBDPCF Annual
Caroline Davis Virginia TechPCF Annual
Matt Cuento California Polytechnic State University TapHere! IT

2016 Recipients


NameCollege Will AttendScholarship
Lauren Keane James Madison UniversityPCF Annual
Steven Tian Yale UniversityPCF Annual
Blake Pagon Stanford University TapHere! IT

2015 Recipients

NameCollege Will AttendScholarship
Stephanie Hickman Yale UniversityPCF Annual
Emma Boyd University of VirginiaPCF Annual
Monica Ann Karas Virginia Tech TapHere! IT

Previous Years Recipients (+/-)

2014 Recipients

NameCollege Will AttendScholarship
Joshua Fairbanks Clemson UniversityPCF Annual
Nicholas Cirigliano James Madison UniversityPCF Annual
Sommer Porter Brigham Young University PCF Annual

2013 Recipients

NameCollege Will AttendScholarship
Aaron Guo University of Pennsylania - Wharton School PCF Annual
Rachel DevoreFlorida State University PCF Annual
Kimberly EstebanGeorge Mason UniversityPCF Annual

2012 Recipients of PCF Annual Scholarship

Gabrielle Cirigliano PCF Annual
Vivian Tran PCF Annual
Maria Bruno PCF Annual

2011 Recipients of PCF Annual Scholarship

Travis BarnettePCF Annual
Briana Griffith PCF Annual